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Historical Background

In February 1968 a group of eleven (11) Samoan families of sixty eight (68) people formed an Incorporated Trust Church organisation. Establishment funds for the fledgling organisation came primarily from fund-raising activities, fruit picking in Horowhenua and offerings from families.

With credit assistance from the ANZ Bank, the church and hall buildings were completed in 1973 followed by the Ministers manse.


A series of internal developments followed.

The Mafutaga-a-Tina (Womens fellowship group) started in 1968 principally to support families.

The Sunday school, the (Aoga Aso Sa) began teaching programmes in 1969.

Other fellowships follow suit like the Autalavou (Youth Group), Aufaipese (Choir Group), Mafutaga-a-Tama (Fathers Group) and finally the Mafutaga-a-Aumatutua (Elders Group) was inaugurated in 1996.


Backgrounding these internal developments, starting in the early 1970s, New Zealands socio-political and economic landscape was changing. Upheavals of the 1980s brought reforms to the State sector and ushered in three concepts of:

1. Corporatisation, later understood as commercialisation,

2. Deregulation, and

3. Privatisation.

Communities that once depended on a single major industry for example forestry, timber production, coal-mining, heavy construction, motor vehicle assemblies and the meat industry were hard-hit.

Rural communities in particular felt the losses of local Post Offices; these often being their main link to the wide range of services once provided by the Government. Corporatisation also placed great pressures on those sectors of the community, like the EFKS Porirua Church, which have traditionally supplied low and semi-skilled workers. By the late mid-1980s, reliance on goodwill and commitment of the congregation and sympathetic supporters had become a recurrent struggle. External funding and sponsorship from Government and Community Foundations was nonexistence. It became a continual tussle for the EFKS Porirua Church to maintain property and operations.

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