Change for Survival

The EFKS Porirua Church has always known that it has a critical responsibility to look after its congregation, physically, mentally and spiritually. It has always known that it has a pivotal role in the shaping todays generation for tomorrow. It realises it needs to find an acceptable balance in terms of its key responsibilities of being both the Community of Worship and Community of Services. The former unquestionably the church excelled in. The latter, physiological and mind-driven to support, guide and deliver needs-based services to raise the living standards of the congregation and community, was bleak and depressing.

Change must happen but the foreboding question was HOW?

With the change of leadership in the late 1990s, the Church began an inside-out and outside-in look. Instead of looking into mirrors it started to look out of windows to the outside world. Transformation, accountability, responsibility and sustainability are the four tenets that emerged.

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