Its formal aims are:

  • To unite in prayer and participate in the mission of the church.
  • To educate and nurture lifelong love of God, Christian life, family and fellow human beings through the power of hymns and music.

At a practical level, the Sunday School group members offer friendship, support and social interaction. Members are also actively involved in many aspects of parish life, in the wider church and in the community.

Our Church believes God loves music, and so, whether we are praising God through traditional music, worship with contemporary Christian songs, appreciate the beauty of our floral arrangements or be challenged by the words of prayers or Scripture, there are many ways people's gifts are used within our Porirua EFKS community.

We strive to celebrate in the ways we worship whereby music is a very important element of our church tradition. 

The Porirua EFKS choir makes a valued contribution to our services, opening worship and leading the congregational praising.  The organ, being the main instrument, enriches our worship and fellowship.

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