Moving Forward

In the diverse and multicultural society of New Zealand, the EFKS Porirua concluded that it had to shape it own WAY OF DOING THE RIGHT THINGS for its people's holistic welfare, learning and development, in partnership with key stakeholders, and with enough flexibility to do so according to it unique philosophies and goals. For example, the Aoga Amata Porirua EFKS (AAPE) has been very successful applying the Sunday school system to model the inclusiveness of family values. This model has become a model for Pacific ECEs in the region. Discerningly, the implementation of new administrative and supportive system in terms of stragic direction must and has taken into consideration pragmatic local context before propositioning external opportunities.

The creation of ATAMU EFKS Porirua Incorporated Society (AEPIS) has its services arm in 2012 has been several years in the making. Its growth and success to date has been remarkable considering it started with virtually no resources. EFKS Porirua has come a long way and its on the verge of accomplishing the next stage in its strategic development by becoming a fully-fledged recognised community health and services provider.

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