Occasional Services

White Sunday

White Sunday falls on the second Sunday of October every year. It is a day for parents and communities to acknowledge and celebrate childhood. Our church hosts a special programme, led by our children and young people, which includes spiritual recitations (tauloto), biblical story re-enactment, singing and creative dance performances.


At Porirua EFKS, we regularly offer bastism services on Sunday as part of our Sunday Services. The Minister is usually advised well in advanced so that preparations are provided with the parents.


The Minister together with the church community look forward to sharing with potential couples in the planning and celebration of their wedding. The Minister provides pre-marriage counselling and work closely with the couple to help them with their transitional journey from individual people into a longlife partnership/Companionship.


Funeral services can be arranged to be conducted at the Porirua EFKS church, the cemetary chapel or crematorium or at the graveside. It is not a requirement that the family be members of our church congregation for a request to be made.

Bible Study

Bible  study is an essential part of our youth programme and everyone is welcome to join in and participate.

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