Mafutaga a le Autalavou

Its formal aims are:

To unite in prayer and participate in the mission of the church and to empower and encourage youth to be responsible visionary citizens.


The youth fellowship began in 1969. It has morphed into a strong supporter of Church projects in terms of maintenance and catering frequent community and outside organisations that hire the hall for fonos (Forums) and various functions. 
Members are encouraged to participate actively in the wider aspects of church life and community. It goes without saying that this group is the future and the survival of the church community. Education, employment, individual development, cultural aspects and family commitments are key aspirations, inspirations and goals as a group and as individuals. 



For all  enquiries and
questions regarding our
Autalavou programs, or
if you are simply stopping
by to say Hi, please feel
free to leave us a message
and we will endeavour to
respond to your queries
as soon as we can,
alternatively, please visit
us on our facebook website
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Kind Regards

Autalavou EFKS i Porirua

Polokalame mo Tupulaga

Youth Program

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We welcome you to our humble Autalavou page on our Church Website. 

The EFKS Porirua Youth group believe in building and fostering good, strong and reciprical relationships with each other, our families, our community, and our sisters and brothers  and our sister churches around the Globe and keeping spiritually connected with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

All our Sunday programs are filled with fun activities packed with endless laughter :):)

So come on down and join in on the fun!!  


 commences at 5pm every Sunday

unless advised otherwise..


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